So ? progress so far !!

The move was, as you can imagine, logistically challenging, I think that’s the PC way to put it, with no little assistance from those wonderful people at BT who contrived to ensure that even with a months notice of the move, we had no phone or broadband for three weeks after the move. The new location has b****r all mobile coverage too so after literally twenty aborted phone calls to India to try to straighten the mess out I threw myself on the mercy of neighbours and spoke at greater length to India and although the arranged marriage is coming on nicely it wasn?t until I spoke to Stacey in Blackburn that we actually had a phone line.

Massive help from some of our Museum volunteers, and help from the owners of our new premises as well as the buyers of the old with storage, thus the move was over a couple of weeks rather than one horrendous day.

The entire move was brokered in a very short space of time, in spite of this its all gone well, ignoring the set of spanners chucked in by BT. All the museum exhibits are stored and work has started on the new housing for them.

Briefly this site will have Museum building with two floors, a large caf� that can be used for evenings, a big campsite and rally field, showers loos, loads of parking and eventually some holiday cottages.

We should be open next year, the campsite and rally field much sooner..