Progress and plans for the new museum

So far we have made a new renovation workshop, cleared the campsite fields and trimmed all the hedges and applied for permission to put in the campsite facilities, showers, loos etc.. The Museum building is awaiting planning permission but, fingers crossed, we have a letter saying the Planning department are quite keen on the project. We should end up with a larger museum, a much larger rally fields and campsite.

The Museum building will have hopefully an upstairs, much more parking and a larger cafe which can be used by rallyers for evening events. There will also be a farm type shop and a Museum shop.

The Bubble Car Museum, our JCB in the new rally field.

Our JCB in the new rally field.

To this end we have bought a tiny tractor and mower to keep the waving wheat at walkable length, an ancient JCB for which if anyone has one laying around we need a very narrow bucket, a 9 inch or 12 inch I am told, and some new cars for the Museum !