Making progress at the Bubblecar Museum

We are finally in shape to start building the museum displays in the New Year. The new building is finished, the café/shop area is complete, gallons of cider is maturing nicely, the loos and showers pristine and we have a camper arriving today, if he manages to erect a tent in this wind good luck to him.
Our new driveway is laid and it’s a great success with the seagulls as its made from recycled Boston cockleshells! Apparently they stop circling overhead once the smell fades.

So thanks to everyone who has helped so far, in particular:
Mike Ayriss
John Wilson-Hall
Turnbulls in Boston for the fantastic bonfire
East Lindsay Planning and Building Control who have both been epic
Len and Pauline
Richard and Shirley our brilliant long suffering neighbours
Our Jim
Matt and Dave
Maurice Belton

Finally anyone who I have forgotten who has donned wellies and mowed and raked and helped.