Come and see the Whealer Dealers FSM Syrena at the Bubblecar Museum!

As those of you who saw the Wheeler Dealers episode first screened on October 8th may already know, the Bubblecar Museum is the proud new home for an FSM Syrena bought in Poland by Mike Brewer and restored by Edd China on the show.

Mike Brewer and FSM Syrena from the Whealer Dealers television show

Mike Brewer and FSM Syrena from the Whealer Dealers television show. The Syrena, which means 'mermaid', can now be viewed at The Bubblecar Museum.

The Syrena is on display in the museum and will be until we close on the 17th of November, this is a week later than we anticipated for Winter closing due to the unprecedented demand by visitors wishing to see the Wheeler Dealers car!!

It was terrific fun working with the Wheeler Dealer team and really interesting to see their workshop in Bracknell, they have done some microcars before but nothing as unusual as this.

A rare sight in the West, the car was brought back from Poland where they are plentiful. The Syrena was introduced in 1957 and stayed similar in design to the end of production in 1983.

The Wheeler Dealers team painted the car in the colours of the Polish flag with a red and cream interior.

Remember, if you want to see The Syrena, you have until November the 17th to visit the museum!

The Bubblecar Museum is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 5pm.
We are located near Boston in Lincolnshire.
Admission charges are a micro £3 for adults and £1 for children.


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